E9: Mariah Morales: Amtrak

What role does transportation take in shaping our cities? And, most importantly, how can transportation connect us in more ways than one? 

The incredible Mariah Morales faces these questions, and many more, every day in her work as a Government Affairs manager for Amtrak. After an internship experience in urban planning, Mariah couldn’t stop thinking about the intersection between public policy, city planning, and transportation, so when she found an opportunity with Amtrak, she knew she had to pursue it. I first met Mariah in 2017, when I interned for the Rail Passenger’s Association as a Summer by Rail intern. You may be wondering – what is the relationship between Mariah’s role at Amtrak and the Summer by Rail Internship that I experienced? As an intern for a rail advocacy group, I was able to partner closely with Amtrak in promoting the organization’s rail services on Capitol Hill – she even walked the walk and joined in on a leg of the Summer by Rail journey! I’m so excited to have Mariah as a guest on the program to share a little more about her career path and the challenges and opportunities facing long distance rail travel today. Be sure to tune in to this week’s episode of Yuptown!

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