I’m Victoria, and I’m a Yuppie.

And proud of it. Hey, self awareness is key, right?

In college, whenever I was asked what I wanted to do next after graduating business school, I’d freeze. Would my next career step be a permanent one? What if I didn’t enjoy the work I was doing? How could I truthfully and honestly say I wanted to enter the chaotic world of a startup company, or the rigid world of corporate finance, without experiencing both for myself?!

Now, as someone in the early stages of her corporate career, I’m asking myself the same questions – what do you want to do next?

And I can still say with certainty that I don’t know what I don’t know. But I what do know is that I have a lot to learn, and speaking with and learning from professionals, entrepreneurs, and creators is the best place to start.

Through meaningful conversations following a variety of career journeys, I hope to discover and share insight and tips towards developing a meaningful career, so us Yuppies can navigate our (respective) journeys yet.

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