E30: Doug Levin: JobStars

With thousands of job opportunities available on sites like LinkedIn or Indeed, the job application process can feel incredibly overwhelming. One place to start clearly defining a job search, and and enhancing our odds is with a 5 star resume! On this week’s episode of Yuptown, we speak with resume writer and JobStars founder Doug […]

E28: Reed Langridge: Keel

Consumer demand for mental health and wellness services has skyrocketed, and, as a consumer, finding the right services at the right time can feel like navigating a maze. To better inform consumers in our ever-evolving world, Keel aims to provide transparent and unbiased guidance in the mental health and wellness marketplace. Keel’s mission is to […]

Your First Job is the Starting Signal, not the Finish Line

By Victoria Principato For a long time, I thought my greatest achievement, and final goal, was to land the ever-elusive perfect first job upon graduating college. (I’ll hold for laughter here.) The work that goes into achieving that goal, receiving that perfect job offer, can feel endless. Spending hours applying to the right roles on […]

E27: NeedEnergy: Leroy Nyangani and Desire Masunda

Nearly 600 million people in Africa don’t have access to energy; NeedEnergy is looking to change that. NeedEnergy is the Energy Architecture of the future. As an energy-tech start-up company, NeedEnergy energy allows consumers to use Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI to Provide Smart and Clean Energy Solutions. On today’s episode, we chat […]

E26: Brianna Howard: Mayor of Mt. Jewitt

As student body president of her University, Brianna Howard lead with values and mission in mind. In just under 5 years after graduation, Brianna brought these same leadership practices to her own community of Mt. Jewitt, Pennsylvania. As a write-in candidate, Brianna won her town’s mayoral election, and currently holds office in her hometown. On […]

E25: Brit Beil: Attn All

Growing up in Kansas City, Brit had her sights set on moving to New York. But after she earned her first job in her dream city, she realized the job she landed wasn’t a great fit, and knew she wanted a change. It was through the application process that Brit learned getting a job isn’t […]

E24: Kat Norton: Miss Excel

When describing Excel, the first adjective to come to mind probably isn’t fun, but Kat Norton might just change people’s minds. Kat Norton, also known as Ms. Excel, is truly one of a kind. Somehow, she’s made Excel tips and tricks incredibly engaging and accessible through social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. On this […]

E23: Parker & Joe: Twos Pt. 2 (!)

Re-introducing Joe and Parker of Twos, a new way to remember things. Fittingly, Parker and Joe are the only guests to make a Two-time Yuptown appearance. On this week’s episode, they’ll share some exciting app updates!

E22: Tim Herman: UpEquity

Tim Herman’s career has been dedicated to serving the American Dream, first as a fighter pilot in the US Navy, and today, in the world of business. While on duty to duty service, Tim and his family moved often, and experienced the challenges that come with buying a home. It was during his time as […]

E21: Andie Aronov: Women That Rock

Andie Aronov is the OG Woman that rocks! Growing up, Andie always had a passion for music, and has turned that passion into a platform for female musicians. What started as a profile on Instagram has evolved into an entire community that lifts up lady artists through features, articles, and events. On this week’s episode, […]

E20: Parker & Joe: Twos

Whether it’s a recipe, a list, or an idea, Twos allows users (or as some might call them, Twosers) to track and share information in an organized and user-friendly design. As the best place to write things down, the Twos app is revolutionizing the way we remember things. I first met co-founders Parker Klein and […]

E19: Paul Akande a.k.a. Ponyboy Pol: Pol and Pals Podcast

Although he majored in mechanical engineering, and is currently a software engineer, Paul Akande has always been interested in engaging with people. But in this year of quarantine, he was limited from doing just that. Luckily, Paul was able to reconnect with friends through a creative digital platform, Pol and Pals. Nearly 1 year and […]


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